Thursday, September 16, 2010

the girls in Mülheim

i have some friends ... wonderful friends who I met at least ten years ago ... they live in and around Mülheim, Germany ... toooo far away. they are an amazing group of ladies who do *everything*  they are a constant source of inspiration and companionship.

angela dyes the most amazing fabrics, beads, quilts, does mosaic and much more i haven't seen
elisabeth makes things from paper, beads, quilts and loves on her sweet little grandboy
gila felts, beads, sews, makes hats, quilts and runs her little studio called Kunst Stücke "pieces of art" ...
gabi beads, quilts, knits and more
helga specializes in things teeny eensy weeny .. the littlest beads, mini patchwork and knits
hildegard quilts, embroiders, teaches, stitches, etc, etc.
roswitha quilts, teaches and does 100 more things than i know about
sigrid quilts, crafts and collects mini things

i could tell you more and i am sure they will remind me of everything i have forgotten but it has been one of those days.

twice this group has banded together (in different configurations) and flown across the big pond to visit my husband and i in the pacific northwest.  many of you have met them and if you didn't i hope someday you will.

you see - they all belong under the willow tree and i'm really hoping i can convince some or all will sometimes contribute to this blog.

last tuesday i got to spend the WHOLE day with them.  what  blast!

it's always fun to see who's working on what.  and i got to show them my DOTS!  and i'm happy to say some of them caught the contagion and are already addicted.  see what they did!

Gabi's gone dotty with Kaffe
Gila has a huge batiks collection
Angela's GOT DOTS
Angela dyes her own fabrics

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