Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Carnival (Kermis) Brights!

I was able to sit down to the sewing machine for a while yesterday and made these four Contemporary Jane blocks. Am happy with the first three .. but didn't realize until later how much D-9 and A-8 are alike. So I will probably re-do A-8 .. reversing the background and using a completely different color - like green!

Happy sewing to you all .. things are bright and colorful around here. Kermis is in town although I have to admit it's much more bearable this year. It rained the first couple evenings which meant things closed down much early. Today is the most important day .. Jaarmarkt .. so I sat on the sidewalk with handwork and drew quite a few onlookers eager to know what I was doing and Why? Oh, and by the way, how did an American end up in Kalken???

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Karen said...

So bright and fun Jovita!!!