Saturday, June 25, 2011

Meet Mary

Set Her Free
Mary and I are doing a swap ... and I wanted to tell you that I've been blogging about the design process of her quilt on my blog and thought you might want to stop by and check it out ... I've been carrying these little saltwater pearls around in my pocket waiting for the opportunity to add them to her little quilt ...

... but then I realized I haven't properly introduced Mary, who played a very crucial role as I began my venture as a shop owner.

She and I met when I was teaching foundation paper piecing class before my studio/shop got off the ground in Mukilteo and when I did open she kind of followed me there.

Thank goodness too .. her kind, caring, calming ways have come in handy more times than I can count.

Like introducing me to black coffee topped with softly whipped cinnamon whipping cream .. oh my goodness.  If you haven't, you need to try this!  Sip slowly, letting the cream melt in and mix with your coffee as you go ... it's sure to calm your nerves and give you the energy to carry on!  Of course this experience is at it's best when shared *with* Mary ...

Lindsey's quiltOne thing I've always loved about Mary is that she is always game for trying new and challenging things ... the class where we met?  Introduction to Foundation Paper Piecing .. no houses for her .. she wanted to work on this unicorn.  And did ... and finished it and bound it!  ... see the two quilts under her's, they are both mine (the binding *has* been put on the one on the left, the one on the right? - umm, it is still waiting for a border ...).

Mary has really moved on and is a wonderful mixed media artist showing at a variety of galleries in the Pacific Northwest. Visit Funky Fibers to read more about Mary and her artwork, gallery showings and workshops.

As for me, I am especially in love with her series of bathing beauties!

Mary's Bathing Beauties

P&P watercolorShe is also responsible for this ... a most cherished memory of my shop. The original photograph was taken by her mother-in-law, the watercolor is by her father-in-law.  

There is a lot more to tell you about Mary, but I'm hoping she'll do some of that herself and show us more of her projects.  And tell funny stories about her two beautiful daughters!

Thanks for joining us Under the Willow Tree Mary, with tons of Love from Jovita and the rest of the gang!

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Valentina said...

oh, how lovely!
And even though I am a staunch tea-drinker, I would be willing to jump the fence for one of those... uhmmmm... :)