Monday, April 25, 2011

Quilt Shop In A Box

Elisabeths' Garden by Jovita Goldschmidt (Hand Sewn)
I wondered why I didn't get an email back from Jovita!  I put this box together to hold my applique supplies, and it turned out to be a great portable project box. I was inspired to start a hexagon project from many different sources.  First I saw Jovita's little tin box packed with the most gorgeous colors of silk and tiny little hex's.  (If she can be cheeky, then so can I - copied & pasted without consent!)
I also have seen many colorful blog posts on hexagons such as  and  and "sew" many more!

I haven't yet decided on what to do with all my little  1/2" hexagons. This is a quilt I saw at the machine quilting show in Tacoma a couple years ago - I do not have the name of the quilter but I love the quilt!

These are a couple more shots of my box of goodies!

I don't say GOT DOTS!  I say GET HEXS! 


Valentina said...

A quick hello from yet another hexi-maniac, Liz! I can TOTALLY relate to the luv :) they are my best travel companions and boy do they get around! :)

susanm said...

I have also caught that bug and just started with mine.